Theories~While catching up on my sleep, my brain developed a plausible theory connecting those four things. If you want to be totally surprised by the DLC, just in case I’m right with my hunches than don’t read. :) But, if you DO, I think my connections are as solid as your going to get short of cracking  Mr. Levine’s brain open. Moving along…

1st- If Ken Levine can make a dude like Zachary Comstock an alternate version of Booker DeWitt, then he certainly can come up with a way for Brigid Tenenbaum to be a alternate version of Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s silhouette looked super similar to that of Tenebaums in the trailer.

Either way there is a giant connection of the multiple Elizabeths to all the Little Sisters .

-Elizabeth is a special girl with her dimensional tears, and the Little Sisters are hosts for the Adam generating slugs. All of them are experiments. We’ve already been introduced to a version where there is Dictator Elizabeth, where she fulfills Comstock’s prophecy. The Boys of Silence are her creations paralleling the Little Sisters. Experiment becomes the experimenter. Dr. Tenebaum experimenting on her own people in the concentration camps of WW2, also an example of this.

2nd- I don’t believe that choices of music are coincidences in Bioshock games. “Good Night Irene” can practically tell you the WHOLE plot of Infinite if you pay attention to the lyrics. And “God Only Knows” is very bittersweet, but it isn’t an overt love song. “Wonderful, wonderful” IS a love song, go read the lyrics, and that is the music that plays in the trailer. When it gets to the line of “when your lips cling to mine” is when the door rises and you see Elizabeth’s silhouette. Interpret that as you will.

3rd- If the Bioshock fandom has learned anything, is to trust NOTHING. The stories become so convoluted you will give yourself a migraine thinking about all of them.

-In the first game your Jack, and Atlas is your ally, helping you get out of Rapture. Surprise! Your a mindless clone/illegitimate child, and your buddy is secretly the biggest crime king in Rapture.

-Infinite, You play as gruff, gambling, alcoholic, up to your eyes in debt, Booker DeWitt. NAH bro, your also Comstock, a baptism enthusiast, Bible thumping racist bigot with severe delusions of grandeur.

-The second part of Burial At Sea, you play as Elizabeth, the teaser image has her holding a Little Sister with BLUE eyes wielding a gun. That Little Sister is very likely Anna. And as the last installment, I would not be at all surprised that we(the players) along with Elizabeth discover something really horrible. Your Tenebaum *cough* I also think that our new AI companion might be Booker. Anyway on to my last point.

4th- We’ve seen the redemption story through the eyes of a child, aka Jack, (if you don’t harvest Little Sisters of course) who, in spite of where he comes from, makes a protective connection with the Little Sisters and forms a family of his own. Infinite is a story about a man finally learning how to be a father, which makes me think that to parallel that, the DLC story will turn out to be a woman finally learning how to be a mother. Yep, I think Anna is Elizabeth’s daughter. It certainly matches up with the protective, family theme, and also why I link Tenebaum to Elizabeth, because that woman has a lot of guilt about who she is, and what she did to create the Little Sisters.


Only after all the damage has been done does Tenebaum remotely act motherly to the Little Sisters. Only after 123 tries does Booker DeWitt finally come to grips with his guilt and learn how to be a father.

So, that’s my theory! It’s not perfect, but I think a lot of the dots are connected. Levine has very ambiguously implied that at the end we will see how all of the stories resolve and connect. So, that’s how my brain figures it. The only parts that are fuzzy to me is Booker’s brand and perhaps Elizabeth’s thimble. I have little ideas, but nothing worth spouting about. ^_^