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that nervous feeling you get when someone you admire reblogs your art…

Anonymous sent:

Submissive Liz Anon here, I just recently started following and haven't looked through your archives yet, thanks for pointing out the art you have :)

Ah, no problems! I like drawing Elizabeth as submissive & Dominant. Her and Booker are just about perfect switches. <3

blackhawke sent:

Bird and Cage tattoos - could totally see a modern Elizabeth taking to this look. I mean Booker had the A.D. and Jack had the chain. Plus Delta and Sigma had those distinctive symbols. How do you imagine Booker in modern clothes?


Dressed in leather….and apparently Booker was THE FONZ in another life.

DICK & BALLS!!!! *dies*


So Oliver Vaquer (@ohvaquer) posted this on Twitter today. skip to 2:05 for shenanigans

Voice actors being silly is the light of my life

Anonymous sent:

never thought i'd ever see Booker as a sub XD maybe do some reverse smut ? Booker as dom, Liz as sub ?


*points at archives*



And fyi- that’s a riding crop Booker has across Elizabeth’s neck. ^_^

Merrily, merrily, life is but a dream…

*full view is nicer*

thegeekmaster sent:

Man, Booker just didn't get Elizabeth to New York. I guess you could say *sunglasses* Booker Blewitt.


anarchris sent:

Did I know I wanted Femdom Elizabooker smut? No. Am I glad it now exists? YES!

HELL to the YEAH!

Anonymous sent:

Hey, Strapon Anon here (Holy crap that is the worst title ever what the hell), just wanted to say thanks for considering my request, it means a lot! Also it's super cool of you to be so loyal to your fanbase, you're awesome

Awww!!! Thank you dear! I am glad you enjoyed it. :D