Well, I am open to commissions at last! c:

I recently graduated college so now I need to earn money, unsurprisingly.

If you’d like a price estimation depending on the complexity of what you’d like to be drawn feel free to shoot a message my way. (If I haven’t replied within two days it’s safe to assume tumblr has eaten the message, so don’t hesitate to send it again.)

Me drawing ‘anything’ also includes anthros, violence, etc. If you’re still unsure if I’ll draw it: just ask.

Signal Boost. This is a wonderful artist & human being. You will not be disappointed with your commission. :)

Dysfunctional Everafter RP Post #65 [w/ bookerjustdewitt]

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The Evolution of Elizabeth. 

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Anonymous sent:

I don't have a tumblr either :( so I can't do that, but I will check this blog every day for updates. I hope everything is going well for you in the meantime :3

you are such a sweetheart! ;o;

i’ll try not to disappoint. if i know you on fan fiction or if you have a fan fiction account please message me there if you want to talk to me.

Anonymous sent:

Are you still gonna keep writing?:( I miss your updates

Yes!! Don’t worry! All in good time. :)

Come talk to me off anon if you can.

Anonymous sent:

I would come off anon, but I don't actually have tumblr, heh. I won't pry for details, though. I suppose all I can do now is wish you well.

Thank you very much. I appreciate that. :)

-Where’d you learn that?

-Oh, it’s something I picked up a long time ago.

Anonymous sent:

Are you alright?

Come ask me off anon, please. ^_^


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