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Why no one drew booker and liz's wedding


I mean.. as much as I love love love Bookerbeth, I can’t personally see them getting married. After all the shit they’ve had to endure, I think it’d be enough to just settle down in the french countryside and just spend their days together drinking tea and reading together and just enjoying each other’s company. ;3; It’d be too flashy and too personal to get married, and all they’d really need is their own private intimacy.

I mean, if someone else were to do it, I’m sure it’d be very cute! It just doesn’t fit into my headcanon and interpretation of their relationship. ;3; Sorry!

I really agree with this! A wedding imo seems too stuffy, and has the potiental to trigger sad and unwanted memories. I think its enough for them to just be committed to being together. They already know that there really isn’t any going back once their relationship gets physical. A wedding would sort of disturb the equilibrium they have with each other in terms of their unconvientional relationship if you stick with the father/daughter canon.

Elizabeth first meeting

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Well, now we all gotta wait another two weeks! :D phenomenal writing as always;) I was angry that it had to end

Thanks!!! I’m sure it won’t be quite that long for the next update. :D

Dysfunctional Everafter RP Post #67 [w/ bookerjustdewitt]

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Rp update soon?:3


Yes, SOON. And it will be worth the wait. Promise. ;3

you got a name, miss?”


the ships that i end up investing myself the most in are the ones where at first im like, “meh i guess i can see that” and then somewhere along the line my brain just fucking snaps and i cant control myself its like a demons possessed me and im going 900mph to hell


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*HUGS BACK* If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask. I don't really get to talk about it with anyone else in my life (sometimes my father figure and I talk about it....but everyone else just doesn't get it)I'll always keep an eye out for your and bookerjustdewitt's phenomenal writing<3 Both of you are so talented and you have a huge fan over here in NJ :D


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hi. If you want to read good fanfic so read loveshock and loveshock 2. drama, humor, smut, incest are include

Right on. I am going to assume that these are posted on fanfiction as well. ^_^

this is a gift; it comes with a price.